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In her own words: “Trust Your Gut”

trust your gut

A dear friend recently shared this brave story with me and encouraged me to share this with you all as well, in hopes that it would reach the next recipient that needed to hear this divine message. We all know what’s best for our health and your voice is the loudest advocate you can have.…

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Guest Blog: Creating new healthy habits to live your best life

new healthy habits

GUEST BLOGGER: Eve Emerson As Jill’s parents, the diagnosis of Stage IV lung cancer to our beautiful, vibrant and healthy young daughter was nothing less than a gut punch, devastating, and heartbreaking news – there are no words to adequately describe the feeling.  As time progressed, we all learned a lot about this disease in…

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My LUNGEVITY featured story: Mindset Matters


Read my full story below, in my own words, as featured on LUNGEVITY in January 2020.  I was 37. I was healthy, exercised daily, ate well, and had never smoked a cigarette in my life. Yet on August 17th, 2019, I received the news that changed my life forever. A tumor. A mass. Cancer. In…

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I. Am. Human.


You’ve heard me mention #mindset and staying focused on what you can control, aka your thoughts. But let me tell you, there are some days where it seems I’m more inclined to “practice what I preach” than others – little life tests, tiny struggles, that all come crashing in at once. Monday was one of…

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Meditation: Nourish the Soul


No doubt, the benefits of meditation are endless – reduce stress, control anxiety, positive emotional health, love and appreciation, alleviate blood pressure/pain/disease – I could go on! What I have learned recently is that understanding what meditation is, what it means to you and what personal impact it will have on your life, is a…

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Must-watch healthy living documentaries


Time to Netflix & chill this weekend. Cozy up with my top 3 healthy living documentaries and watch your way to a better lifestyle. A special shout out to my #luvyourlungs army who pointed me towards these gems. I can’t thank you enough. The more we know, the better! What the Health – This film…

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Setting Daily Affirmations

Daily Affirmations? Surely something I never had time for or didn’t slow down enough to appreciate before things changed. I could barely think, let alone remember an intention for the day. Who has time for that, right?!? But everything is different now and setting a daily affirmation is one of the first things I stumbled…

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Mindset Matters

“The more you think of something the more you will your energy there.” After initial diagnosis, to say I wasn’t ‘numb’ was an understatement. I quickly encountered “all the feels” – grief, denial, anger, loss, hope, more grief – but then it was almost as if I catapulted into survival mode. I refused to believe…

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