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Health Hack #10: Peel, Peel, Peel your Veggies

Peel Your Veggies

Just blame lectins and happily peel your veggies! See my previous post on Lectins for the background here. Essentially lectins are found in the skin and seeds of all plants – fruit and veggies alike – and lectins cause big problems for humans and are linked to causing most heart disease, arthritis, dementia, diabetes, and all autoimmune diseases, according to Dr. Gundry, as stated in his amazing Plant Paradox book.

That said – your basic grade kitchen peeler can solve most of this for you. Along with following three simple steps

  1. Buy organic (the #9s)
  2. Eat with the seasons and choose variety
  3. Then, peel, peel, peel away!

While, yes, there are different schools of thoughts on the peels and their nutrients vs. throwing them away, I can assure you unless you’ve grown the fruit from a seed you trust, in your own backyard from start to finish, you’re better off peeling the skin than eating it! I definitely don’t want to risk getting an inkling of Roundup, pesticides or any other ‘cides into my body. I’ll peel instead!

Whether I’m eating fruits and vegetables raw, using them for juicing, adding to a recipe or even serving them to my family, these three steps are a must-follow.

It’s a simple step!

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